Fruit, Cheese and Veggie Platters

1. Fruit Fantasy

A rainbow of fresh and exotic Seasonal Fruits, served with a Creamy Yogurt Dip- Always a Hit.

Small $27.95
Medium $39.95
Large $49.95

2. Fresh Vegetable Tray

A delightful array of Crisp Garden Fresh Vegetables complimented with a Zesty Ranch Dip

Small $26.95
Medium $37.95
Large $46.95

3. Fruit and Vegetable Platter

Half Fruit – Half Vegetable- A combination sure to please great for all occasions.

Small $26.95
Medium $38.95
Large $48.95

4. Cheese Sensation

An assortment of Imported and Domestic Cheeses- Cheddar – Marble – Colby – Totally garnished with crackers and seasonal fruit.

Small $36.95
Medium $58.95
Large $79.95

5. Fruit and Cheese Tray

Half Cheese half Fruit- the perfect combination.

Small $32.95
Medium $48.95
Large $61.95

6. Relish and Olive Tray

A selection of Green and Black Olives, Pickled Beets, Mini Gherkins, Pickles

Small $28.95
Medium $42.95
Large $56.95